Welcome to the Clumon project web site. Clumon is a cluster monitoring system developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications to keep track of its Linux super-clusters. Clumon is a tunable system that can be made to work for almost any set of linux machines.

CluMon version 2.0 Alpha available

CluMon has undergone a great deal of changes over the past year or two. So much in fact that the version 1.2.1 is really dated. Development has gone on so that CluMon now has the capability to support LSF (developed and tested, distribution coming soon). The architecture has changed significantly to be more fault tolerant and scalable, even though those were never a problem on clusters in the 1,000s node size. However, NCSA is moving well beyond clusters of those sizes and our tools have needed to grow with us. The upcoming version will supports plug ins so that many other aspects of a cluster can be monitored.

The Alpha version includes the Core as well as the PBS plugin. In later distributions, (which will include support for LSF) all plugins will be available separately. Please send in you feedback and bug reports.


Joshi Fullop
Systems Engineer